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Friday Night Lights

The excitement was in the air!! Familiar faces and new ones gathered for our favorite game - baseball! And who was working the crowd pre-game? Homer, of course! The hot dogs were grilling, the flag was flying, the trees were budding out tiny spring leaves. As the sun went down, so did the temperatures, but we did not mind. Our hearts were full.

Friday nights have taken on a whole new dimension for me.  I spend them on the baseball field with some of the greatest athletes in the world!  I count down the minutes each week during baseball season till I can hear the words, "Play Ball!" I have been photographing for Camden Miracle Field since 2016 and I am hooked! The love and laughter, the dedication and sometimes sheer will, the pure joy of the children, adults, athletes, buddies, and volunteers is something beyond words! Nicknames like Ball Annihilator, Thor, Deer Slayer, Lefty, Hurricane, El Magnifico, Champ, Z-Rex, Scully, Superhero Mary, The Entertainer, and The Diva tell you this is serious baseball! 

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